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Kumamoto Earthquake

  • Many earthquakes are hitting Kyushu Region in Japan, particularly Kumamoto and Oita Prefectures. These areas are popular for tourists, especially Aso mountains and Yufuin Onsen (hotsprings). If you are planning to visit Kyushu area in coming days, it would be a good idea to reconfirm your destinations are ok. Some of the key information for the tourists are here (UPDATED as of 11AM, April 16 JST):

    • Free WiFI Most of the public WiFi in the area now offers disaster relief free WiFi service. Just connect to network called "00000JAPAN". Although, please refrain from using the network for unnecessary access as there are many people need the network too!
    • JR Kyushu (Japan Railway) * official website has English updates! Kyushu Shinkansen and local trains in Kumamoto Prefecture are suspended. Many other train schedule in Kyushu are suspended and significantly reduced. See above link for more information.
    • Flights to Kumamoto Airport All flights to Kumamoto Airport are currently suspended due to the damage in the terminal building and other facilities, while the runway is ok. Currently there are no official update on the Airport's website.

    JNTO (Japan National Tourism Organization) has web page to update on the earthquakebut not the most updated info as of now.  


    <Update at 11:25 April 16> Kumamoto International Centre opened its facility as shelter. You may check more information on a twitter post here.


    If you are in the region, there won't be much English information in the public announce. You will need to ask somebody for more information.

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